Sea horizon shipping Co.  has set its goals on following services:

1-ship agency

2- oil trade and facilities

3- ship chartering

4- onshore/ offshore construction representation

Since from the beginning, we first studies and became familiar with the international commercial markets, our wide activities have encompassed the above mentioned goals and the result point to this belief that increased growth is achieved by taking knowledgment steps a satisfying customers along with the establishment of mutual and friendly relationship.

The main important point in our services are as follows:

In this section the previously set goals especially through our central office in Tehran and the branch offices situated in all Iranian ports and oil terminals by a dynamic group of expert mariners initially in from of providing agency services to tanker fleets, LPG carrier, break bulk ships and barges.

studying and familiarization with international oil trade introducing the potential facilities of the company to respective commercial clients, oil products consigners, business men, manufactures, importers and exporters, in both private and government sectors, domestically and internationally.

Presentation of competitive oil products rate based on current demand.

Consultation services in the field of various oil trade activities with the aim of buying and selling of different oil products with the direct co-operation of our partner and commercial benefactors in U.A.E.

More recently, we as port of trade group has established a new on shore based storage logistics center at Bandar Abbas, in Iran.

The storage facility consists of 8 tanks with a total capacity of 40,000 cubic meters with plans for expansion to 80,000 cubic meters by the end of 2005. The facility provides for storage and trading of cargoes sourced from main land Iran or in transit from CIS countries for both clean and petroleum cargoes.

Chartering seaworthy vessels such as tankers, we are committed our clients with flexible and reliable level of first class services 24 hours a day by placing emphasis on individual needs of each client and oil trader through on network partners  in Iran ,U.A.E and Greece.

At Sea Horizon, we are also committed as the sole and exclusive representation of reliable onshore and offshore companies project for national Iranian Oil Affiliated Companies.